What You Need To Know About AVAX $BRO 🔺

The $BRO token is going live TODAY on Avalanche! 🔺

Here is everything you need to know about the $BRO airdrop, $bBRO staking bonuses, and the BRO-AVAX liquidity pool.

🪂 AVAX $BRO Airdrop

When: Tuesday, September 27th
To Whom: To everyone who linked wallets
$BRO Status: Staked
Unstaking period
: 14 days
BRO Contract Address: 0x65031e28Cb0E8CC21Ae411f9dD22c9b1bd260Ce4
bBRO Contract Address: 0x53d8FEde675825db0fCA6FF3e25D46b7510e8c8b
The Contract addresses are used for adding the tokens to your wallet.

⛽ bBRO Staking Bonus

All $BRO come staked with 14 days unstaking period.
We have a special deal: Show long-term support and get rewarded.

Up to 60% more $bBRO to everyone who sets Unstaking Period to 6 or 12 months!

You will have the option to immediately increase the Unstaking period to 6+ months and get a special bBRO bonus.

🥩 Why Stake?

By staking $BRO you get access to 2 forms of returns

1. Staking $BRO rewards
Classic staking rewards with nice returns made from token emission

2. RealYield-like returns via bBRO
RealYield-like returns don’t come from token emission, they’re based on performance fees, fees from liquidity providing, and Brokkr’s Treasury Portfolio farming.

By staking and generating bBRO, users gain access to part of these returns. With more bBRO generated, more of these returns can be accessed.

💡 Why should you care about bBRO? 💡
$bBRO is loyalty token that will let you participate in Brokkr returns.
With more $bBRO, you increase participation in the returns.

Prolonging Unstaking period interface

💡 Unstaking Period 💡
Unstaking period starts when you decide to unstake. It says how long it will take before you can claim your tokens from the staking contract.

⛲ Seeding The Pool On TraderJoe

The $BRO Pool: $BRO — $AVAX
Initial Liquidity: $150,000
Seeding: October 10th
Initial $BRO price: $0.05 (snapshot price)
To buy/sell $BRO you need $AVAX for blockchain fees.

🧰 $BRO & $bBRO Utility


  • Grow with Brokkr and see it become THE crypto investment platform
  • Influence Brokkr’s development in governance
  • Stake and generate more BRO & bBRO
  • 0% Performance fees by burning


  • Participate in Brokkr returns
  • Decrease Performance fees by holding
  • Show loyalty inside the $BRO community

StarTerra & Later Wallet Linkers


We agreed with StarTerra that we will do the migration from our side to make it simpler for their $BRO holders and stakers.

Wallet linking for StarTerra stakers will go live in Q4.

Late Wallet Linkers

We will do periodical bi-weekly AVAX $BRO airdrops to all BRO holders that link their wallets after today’s first airdrop.

We will keep the wallet linking open for a long time to give everyone enough time to get their tokens.

If you haven’t done that yet, link your Terra wallet with your Avalanche wallet to migrate your Terra $BRO to Avalanche $BRO!

Disclaimer: Brokkr strongly advises readers and users to do their own research and reach out to our community on Discord and read Brokkr T&C.

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