The First Stage Of Brokkr DAO

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4 min readOct 21, 2022

We’re building Brokkr to be led by the community and be community driven. We believe in DAO systems and empowering every user with the potential to uplift Brokkr’s future.

The end goal is a fully-fledged DAO. To get there, we will progress in phases. Many of you are asking about the steps leading to full Brokkr decentralization, and here it is.

1. Discord Talks
2. Token Signals
3. Token Rules
4. Council Governs

And today we launch Discord Talks.

It’s the first stage of our road to DAO, and we want to spark conversation about challenging topics and let everyone express their opinion.

This stage is independent of $BRO holdings; anyone can enter, create proposals, or vote. These voting results will indicate what the community thinks is the best direction, which will help us form the final decisions.

Voting Topics

  1. Investing Treasury funds
    eg. Depositing funds in CALM Portfolio
  2. Enabling or Building features
    Directly linked to the $BRO token, eg. Treasury Bootstrapping
  3. Community Pool management
    Eg. For Community Rewards Program

No votes about
• Contract updates (to sustain adaptability and the possibility of quick fixes)
• Operational Pool management (it’s not live yet)

The voting and the discussion are available in our Discord’s DAO section “DAO signaling”.

Phase 2 Token Signals

It is planned for 2023. From this phase further, only $BRO holders will have the option to participate, and provide the Core team with a non-binding sentiment check so that the Core team can perform an informed decision. This phase will be open to all topics from Phase 1, with the addition of voting about the final Governance concept.

Our governance concept spins around a Strategy Council. A group of elected members responsible and incentivized to do research and maintenance of Brokkr Strategies & Portfolios. Between their responsibility would fall delivering target returns, developing portfolios, or advancing Brokkr further.

The Council members will represent the best of the Brokkr community and will be elected by the DAO for a certain period. The community transfers its power to the Council, which will act in the best interest of the Brokkr DAO.

Phase 3 Token Rules

We aim to launch this phase in 2024. It will be open to $BRO holders, and the voting results will be final and binding.

In this phase, the first Council should be formed and elected by the community.

Phase 4 Council Governs

This phase should go live also in 2024. The elected Council will start governing and making the majority of the decisions. The rest of the DAO will be there for supporting and supervising roles, with the power to remove someone from the Council. It’s similar to parliament and referendums.

How to set up Proposals

It is preferred to have already the topic discussion going with the community & the core team to evaluate the feasibility.

  1. The Proposal is posted in the Governance signaling forum in Discord. It needs to include all details for the community to make an informed decision. Eg. Topic, Issue & Solution, Reason for the proposal, and Expected outcome
  2. The Core team will start a 5-day poll in Discord ↓
    • What’s voted upon
    • Available options
    • Single choice
    • Non-anonymous
  3. While the poll is open, a discussion about the topic should take place in the Discord forum
  4. After the poll finishes, the results get automatically shared in the proposal channel
  5. The Core team will include the voting results in the final decision, and they will announce it within 5-days after the poll is over.

In case an amendment is needed, it will need to be done through a new proposal to keep the process simple.

Disclaimer: Brokkr strongly advises readers and users to do their own research and reach out to our community on Discord and read Brokkr T&C.

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