Reimagining THORChain Liquidity Pools

Brokkr is built around THORChain, and today we are adding the last missing piece to Brokkr — the Liquidity pools. From now on, you can provide liquidity on THORChin through Brokkr, but not in a way you’d expect.


Brokkr’s mission is to simplify DeFi and make it more accessible. And we continue in the same spirit when adding the Liquidity Pools.

We want everyone to use THORChain Liquidity Pools but it’s complicated. Users with no previous experience with LPing, they have a hard time understanding how exactly it works and what they need. So we set the UX in a way that they won’t even know they’re using liquidity pools.

Liquidity Pools Transformation

Brokkr is an investment protocol and we offer investment options.

For that reason, we’re transforming the “Liquidity Providing” into “Investing in Coin Pairs” because essentially that’s what it is. Users deposit RUNE coin pairs in pools and receive yield for that.

THORChain Liquidity Pools transformed to Coin Pairs

The main benefits

  • It is simple and understandable
  • Users don’t need to own the pairs or the exact ratios to invest
  • Users don’t need to know what are liquidity pools and how they work
  • Users don’t have to care about the impermanent loss or even know what that is. Everything is automatically calculated in the Return.
Detail of investing Coin Pairs

Till now, there were many factors that influenced the final yield coming out of the pools:
• Price of the assets
• Impermanent loss
• Extra rewards from the protocol
• Swapping fees

Brokkr aggregates all factors that influence the final yield into one indicator — Return/APY percentage

With Brokkr, you just deposit one asset, and the rest is done for you. This significantly simplifies providing liquidity on THORChain and makes it more accessible.

If you wanted to bring friend to THORChain but it was too complicated for them, now it’s the time to do it.

Time to pour new liquidity 🌊

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