NFT Staking on Brokkr


Thanks to Brokkr’s unique mechanics we can proudly say that we will enable Staking NFTs on Brokkr platform!

Exclusively LunaBulls, ThorGuards, and Brokkr NFT holders will have the option to stake their NFTs!

It is a huge utility for NFTs that’s been missing on the market. You’ve never seen it before because it wasn’t possible, until now. No collateral and no liquidation.


NFT Staking is possible thanks to the core part of the Brokkr protocol — Protocol Owned Capital (POC). Brokkr invests this Owned Capital in Strategies & Portfolios to generate an endless stream of revenue for the protocol. Part of this capital will be reserved for NFT projects, and together with their donations, it will let their holders stake their NFTs for the Floor Price.

This form of staking means that it’s just an NFT lock without any collateral or risk of liquidation of the NFT. The early stages will be available through Whitelists and then to every $BRO staker. The goal is to launch NFT Staking this year.


We highly value our partners, same as our community and users. This way all sides get connected and have a new way of interacting with DeFi.

  • LunaBulls & ThorGuards gain an amazing utility
  • NFT holders earn rewards on top of their NFTs without any risk of liquidation
  • Brokkr gains new users who need to stake $BRO to access this feature

We’re lucky to have amazing partners in ThorGuards and LunaBulls with whom we can redefine how we think about NFT utility. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible.


The LunaBulls are the world’s first interdimensional NFTs. Join the Stampede in its mission to defend the Terraverse


The ThorGuards collection features a unique fusion of Norse mythology and viking elements with cyberpunk aesthetics and accents.

Disclaimer: It’s possible that some mechanics might change in the next months. We will keep you updated.

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An investment platform for simple and optimized DeFi investing. Your brother in decentralized finance.

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Brokkr Finance

Brokkr Finance

An investment platform for simple and optimized DeFi investing. Your brother in decentralized finance.

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