Guide To Brokkr Whitelist Sale

Are you getting excited for Brokkr IDO? Now it will get even better as it is time to unveil the first IDO phase, the Whitelist sale.

For this special occasion, we made special NFTs. By holding Brokkr Whitelist NFTs in your wallet, you gain access to the sale. We will be giving them away to the community throughout the whole next month (we already started) through numerous community activities.

What are Brokkr Whitelist NFTs?

They are a special set of non-generative NFTs made by an amazing artist Chocolamb.

He created a set of 30 weapon artworks that merge the ancient Brokkr’s weaponsmithing and Sci-Fi. It’s the link between the mythic smither Brokkr and the futuristic world of THORChain.

They have 5 levels of rarity — Normal, Rare, Super Rare, Legendary and Epic.

Brokkr Whitelist NFTs

Whitelist Sale

When: 30–31.3.2022
Where: Brokkr Platform
Chain: Terra Network
Cap: $1500 per Brokkr NFT
$BRO Price: $0,05 (the cheapest public price)
Snapshot of Brokkr NFT holders: 29th of March at 13:00 UTC
Wallets: XDEFI Wallet, TerraStation, Ledger (via TerraStation), Keystore

You must hold the Whitelist NFT during the snapshot to access the sale!

How to get the Whitelist NFT

There are several ways of getting hands on the NFTs and all of them will be handed out to the community for FREE.

  1. Rewards Program
    • A program dedicated to rewarding active members of the Brokkr community
    The best ones will receive the NFT + $UST
    • We will release the Leaderboard page next week, but we might track the activity from this week already 👀
  2. Twitter Contests
    • We will use a few of Follow & Retweet contests to spread the word of Brokkr and raffle out the winners
  3. Events
    • Together with ThorGuards and LunaBulls we will host events where winners will have a chance to win Brokkr NFTs, $UST, and ThorGuards and LunaBulls NFTs 🖼️
  4. Partner Giveaways
    • Some Brokkr frens will receive NFTs and will do their own raffles, contests, and giveaways. Stay vigilant and follow all THORChads and LUNAtics!
  5. Early supporters
    • We will raffle out some of the NFTs to Brokkr’s early supporters
  6. AMAs
    • In the next month there will be numerous AMAs and podcasts where we will raffle and reward the best questions with Brokkr NFTs
  7. Surprise giveaways


  1. Are Brokkr NFTs tradable?
    Yes, you can send them from one wallet to another. It is planned to activate them on Terra NFT marketplaces to make them more accessible and safer.
  2. What chain is used for the NFTs?
    Brokkr Whitelist NFTs are running on the Terra network.
  3. Will the NFTs be Airdropped or Claimable?
    Brokkr NFTs will be airdropped.
  4. Do I have to pay any fees?
    No, the recipients won’t have to pay any fees as the NFTs will be airdropped. If you are planning selling them, then the usual Terra fees apply.
  5. Do they have any utility?
    Their main purpose is to grant access to IDO and have a cool artwork. Besides that, it will be possible to ***** them to ******* *****. Game changer. More information later in March.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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