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5 min readDec 21, 2023

2023 was a pivotal year for Brokkr. We underwent a significant transformation, did multiple product iterations, and built the Brokkr’s foundations. And the goal is clear now — Become the asset and liquidity supermanager.

1. Liquidity management — Adding Volatile pools, better strategies, leverage, and covering Arbitrum
2. Tokenomics changes — RealYield, Arbitrum migration, Incentives
3. Work on UniV4 — We’re close to being done with the Uniswap Foundation grant and will explore further UniV4 options
4. THORChain Integration — Add Savers & Swaps, expand further based on what’s possible

Decentralized Asset & Liquidity Supermanager

Our goal is to provide an ultimate investment experience by automating, simplifying, and combining DeFi instruments into a single package covering all investment needs.

We will focus on two main areas: investing in coins and optimizing yield generation, all automated into a one-click solution.

We cover coin investing with crypto indexes and DCA, and we‘re diving into yield generation, starting with liquidity management strategies.

2024: The Year Of Expansion And Growth

After laying a solid foundation in 2023, we concentrate on growth in 2024. We’re particularly excited about the liquidity management strategies, which we believe will significantly contribute to Brokkr’s growth.

UniswapV3 Liquidity Management Strategies 🦄🦄🦄

UniswapV3 liquidity management is a huge market that’s seeing rapid growth, and we saw projects gaining $20–40m TVL in just a few months.
With our strategies, we can outperform their performance, and deliver a great experience to liquidity providers, pool operators, and DEXs.

Here’s what’s on the horizon for 2024:

  1. Extending Our Reach
    Diverse Pools
    We’ll expand beyond the ETH-USDC 0.05% pool to include more volatile pools, enabling us to manage a broader range of assets.
    New DEX Partnerships
    We’ll connect with additional DEXes that use concentrated liquidity models, broadening our scope and introducing complex features like LP indexes.
    Expansion to More Chains
    We plan to extend our services to other EVM-based chains, starting with those having V3 DEXs, and gradually adding more.
  2. New Features and Strategies
    • Market Betting
    We want to open up the option to bet on the market movement similarly to how our Bull & Bear strategies work. Compared to trading, betting on the market movement through LPing is a bit simpler as it is less reliant on precise market predictions. And even if the market goes sideways, you generate value from the trading fees.
    Leveraged Strategies
    We’re exploring leveraging our strategies to enhance performance, balancing higher risks with potentially higher returns.
    Delta Neutral Strategies (DNS)
    DNS on V2 pools were our flagship product back on Terra. DNS hedges against the price movement of one asset, enabling a single-sided LPing. Creating a DNS on top of V3 pools is more complicated, but thanks to our automated strategies, we can make it happen. It should also outperform V2 DNS.
    Custom Strategies for Liquidity Mining
    We’ll develop strategies specifically tailored for DEXs offering liquidity incentives.
Mockup concept for the Market betting strategies

3. Strategic Partnerships
We aim to assist projects and exchanges in managing V3 pools more efficiently, enhancing their profitability and user experience. Everyone who runs a V3 pool needs to automate it.

Crypto Indexes & DCA 🧿

We’ll keep updating our crypto indexes and DCA offerings in line with market trends, including the potential integration of cross-chain features through THORChain. Especially Indexes have great potential when entering new chains or experiencing a market uptrend.

Future Bets

UniswapV4 🦄🦄🦄🦄

This year we received a grant from the Uniswap Foundation to build the POC hooks for V4. Now, we are already close to being finished.

UniV4 has tremendous potential but it is still at least 3 months away. The code is going through an audit, and the whole release depends on the Ethereum Cancun upgrade. So many changes and setbacks can happen before V4 goes live, and it’s uncertain what it will look like.

But when it does, it will be big. The liquidity will start migrating from V3 to V4, but great hooks will be needed. And all new projects launching on Uniswap will use UniV4, which can get crazy during a bull market.

We already built the most advanced hooks. We know how it works, and are among the most experienced projects with UniV4. After we finish the work on this grant, we will put together a plan on how to continue, as there are more and larger grants we could get.

THORChain Integration ⚒️

When Brokkr moved to Avalanche, it abandoned THORChain features because they could’ve been just an interface. But we want to change that.

We will start reintegrating Savers and Swaps as they fit our product offering super well. Then we want to get the crosschain indexes, DCA, and yield strategies going. This wasn’t possible before, but now it seems it is, and it sounds pretty amazing. We’re getting more information on how to make it work and will do simple tests when possible.

Leveraging Brokkr SDK & Building Partnerships 📄

We have built the Brokkr SDK this year and have Swapper as the first partner. In 2024, we will build partnerships to get our strategies and crypto indexes into other dApps.

Refined Tokenomics 🪙

We’ve recently revamped our tokenomics (see link for details), and are planning to activate RealYield and migrate to Arbitrum in early 2024. Post-migration, we’ll introduce the app usage and LP incentives.

Focused Marketing and Business Development 🫂

Our immediate goal is to secure partners for our liquidity management strategies by the end of January. Following our expansion to cover Arbitrum, we’ll extend our reach to additional chains.

In 2024 we plan to go big. We commit to providing exceptional asset management experience. We built the foundations, now it’s time to leverage it.

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