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3 min readFeb 3, 2023

Brokkr had a tough last year with the Terra downfall that complicated our development, set us back, and burned a lot of funds. After the relaunch on Avalanche, we are now restructuring, people-wise and product-wise, to be better prepared for 2023 and 2024.

As a part of the restructuring, Lukas, the current Brokkr’s lead, will step down, and Michael, aka Randomiser, will take over Brokkr’s leadership. Lukas will continue with Brokkr in an advisory role. Randomizer has been with Brokkr since the beginning, working closely with the community, and now will make Brokkr ready to survive and thrive in the next few years.

Currently, Brokkr has ~$2M, which is around 24 months of runway. In that 24 months, we need to build a great investment platform people will use. And that will be Randomiser’s job.

Unify and stabilize the product

The first improvements will lead to refining current features and strategies into a coherent product that will be attractive and usable.

Portfolios are a great invention but are more suited to creating indexes or user-created portfolios. DCA is a perfect tool, especially for bear markets, but if it is limited to only one coin without any customization, it loses its charm.

The next steps will lead to creating thematic indexes, splitting DCA as a separate tool, and letting anyone create their own DCA coin portfolio.

Expand and create investment infrastructure

The goal is to offer a complete investment experience through various instruments instead of only searching for the “best” APY. We can build many instruments and tools for the app, like leverage or locking mechanisms, and combine them with the strategies.

All the instruments and strategies are built like blocks; they can be easily combined to create entirely new instruments. And when one of the features lifts off, we can double down on it.

On top of that, all these blocks can be used as infrastructure for other protocols. If some dApp wants to enable DCA in their vaults, they will have the option to integrate it.

$BRO Tokenomics

The first thing will be decreasing staking emissions by 50%. This step is necessary due to the bear market, and heavy staking incentives are just a way to dilute more without a clear benefit.

There might be additional changes to the incentives system; instead of focusing solely on stakers, we will direct it toward the investment app usage. We will add more $BRO utility, but more will be announced later this month.

Call for the community

We want to include the community more in the development process. You are the users of the app and we are open to your gem ideas about what you want to see in the app.

Randomizer will hold an AMA on Monday at 17:00 UTC in Brokkr Discord to give you an introduction to all the changes.

Next Steps

1 Mobile version
2 Tracking dashboard
3 Thematic portfolios (indexes)
4 DCA as a separate tool

• It will work for investing in user-selected coins
5 User-created portfolios
• For DCA
• For one-time investments
6 $BRO tokenomics
• Decrease staking emissions by 50%
• Add BRO utility

Disclaimer: Brokkr strongly advises readers and users to do their own research and reach out to our community on Discord and read Brokkr T&C.

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