Brokkr IDO Overview

Brokkr IDO starts in a few days, and here is an overview of how it is going to work. All the Sale phases are described here, and we will be updating the Overview to keep you up to date.

1. Whitelist Sale

Start: 30.3.2022 @08:00 UTC
End: 31.3.2022 @20:00 UTC
Price: $0,05
Allocation: $1,500 per Brokkr Whitelist NFT
Total NFTs: 1 000
Snapshot of NFT holders: 29.3.2022 13:00 UTC
Wallets: XDEFI
, TerraStation, Ledger (via TerraStation), Keystore
Chain: Terra → Buying with $UST
Place: Brokkr Platform
Guide: Step-By-Step Guide

Whitelist Sale will take place on the Brokkr platform and will be accessible to all Brokkr Whitelist NFT holders who held the NFT during snapshot at 29.3.

Each NFT enables buying up $1,500 and scales linearly — 1 NFT = $1,500 allocation, 2 NFTs = $3,000 allocation, etc.

No KYC is necessary, but the whole IDO is closed to people from the USA and Russia due to regulatory reasons.

2. Thorstarter Sale

Start: 1.4.2022 @14:00 UTC
End: 4.4.2022 @14:00 UTC
Price: Price Discovery Mechanics
Cap: Uncapped
Allocation: 1% of BRO Tokens + leftover from Whitelist Sale up to 0,5%
Chain: Terra → buying with $UST
Tiers: Not needed

This sale aims to make it as fair as possible to everyone → “Fair Launch”. Everyone buys for the same price, and they don’t have to ape-in in the first minutes to guarantee the best token price.

It consists of 2 phases, in the first one people commit $UST (based on how much they want to buy), in the second they have an option to withdraw the $UST if they are not comfortable with the price.

The token price is determined by the amount of $UST committed to the pool to the amount of BRO tokens.

Phase 1 $UST Deposit

01.04. 14:00 UTC — 03.04. 14:00 UTC

  1. Buyers commit UST to the IDO pool
  2. At the end of the sale, the token price is determined
    UST committed / BRO tokens

Phase 2 Withdraw

03.04. 14:01 UTC — 04.04. 14:00 UTC

  • Whoever doesn’t like the “Discovered price” can withdraw the committed UST from the IDO pool.
  • Each withdrawal affects the price immediately and it is displayed live

Check the Thorstarter Guide to Brokkr Sale 🔥

3. StarTerra Sale

Start: 5.4.2022 @13:00 UTC
End: 8.4.2022 @13:00 UTC
Price: Fixed price that was “discovered” on Thorstarter
Allocation: 1% of $BRO tokens
Cap: $2,500
KYC: Yes

StarTerra takes over the price that’s been discovered on Thorstarter and fixes it for the whole Sale → everyone buys for the same price.

StarTerra is a KYC platform and to access this sale is necessary to go through their processes.

Read the StarTerra Guide 🔥

IDO Overview

Additional Info

  • After the IDO is over, a BRO/UST pool will be created on Astroport
  • 10% of all BRO tokens have been allocated to the IDO, but due to the market & world conditions, we will proceed with 5% only. The rest of the tokens will be used for seeding additional pools later
  • If there are any tokens left in the Whitelist Sale, up to 0,5% will transfer to the Thorstarter Sale. Anything above 0,5% will be saved for future use

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Brokkr Finance

An investment platform for simple and optimized DeFi investing. Your brother in decentralized finance.

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