Brokkr Community Update November ‘22

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3 min readDec 8, 2022

Welcome to the Brokkr November update.
These monthly updates provide information about the most important topics Brokkr tackles and give an outlook on what’s planned next.

November was the sign of a further downtrend of crypto thanks to the FTX collapse. The last domino hasn’t fallen yet, and we’re closely monitoring how it plays out. Unlike in the case of Terra, Brokkr had no direct exposure as all Brokkr funds are held in self-custody multisig wallets.

November TL;DR

• Two new portfolios
• US users restriction
• Tracking Dashboard coming
• Multichain portfolios coming

Key Metrics

TVL: $50k
#BRO stakers: 2300

November Progress

November was in a sign of delivering highly anticipated strategies and portfolios despite the bear market. The big thing for us was shipping the first delta neutral strategy which was our goal already back on Terra.

⚖️ Delta Neutral (“Ambitious”)⚖️
A farming strategy that is neutral to asset price movements thanks to shorting and longing the asset at the same time. These strategies are gaining a lot of recognition and they’re great for bear markets.

10–20% returns (after impermanent loss)
• Automatically rebalanced
• Active risk management

Autofarmed Bitcoin DCA (“Adventurous”)
An investment strategy that automatically buys Bitcoin in weekly intervals and puts it in a farm for additional returns. It automates the whole process of buying BTC in a decentralized way.

• Decentralized DCA
• Completely automated
• The simplest way to regularly invest in BTC

🔒 Gnosis Safe Support
All strategies and portfolios are now accessible with Gnosis/Safe app. This feature enables any DAO to invest in portfolios.

🔑 Integration API
Anyone can integrate Brokkr strategies and portfolios via our API and offer them through their interface for their users.

The API that empowers any protocol with investment powers

🗳️ DAO Signal Voting
A signal proposal to invest $100k from Brokkr treasury in the Ambitious portfolio to show our confidence in the strategies.

👉 Vote here 👈
Note: This voting is just signaling, and the Brokkr team will make the final decision.

Geoblock US
Due to recent regulatory developments, as has been the case during the IDO, the Brokkr App and Token are no longer available for US residents, users, or devices and wallets accessing the App or the Brokkr Token via the App from the US.

What is coming next

All strategies and portfolios are live, and it’s time to continue with the ThorGuards & TheBullClub airdrop. We just enabled wallet linking for Bulls before we continue with a short first stage, and then the second stage.

  1. Delta Neutral Portfolios on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
    The first step to provide multichain strategies
  2. More strategies and portfolios
    Next one coming = DCA in BTC, ETH, and AVAX
  3. Tracking Dashboard
    To track all your Brokkr investments from one place
Tracking Dashboard mockup

Disclaimer: Brokkr strongly advises readers and users to do their own research and reach out to our community on Discord and read Brokkr T&C.

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