Brokkr Community Rewards Program

We introduced Brokkr Whitelist NFTs which provide access to the IDO Whitelist sale on March 30th. We also mentioned there will be a Rewards Program for the community, and this is it.

Community Rewards Program

It is a loyalty program for our community members. We aim to reward people who engage with Brokkr on our socials and are contributing to the ecosystem.

We will measure your engagement with Brokkr on our Socials — Discord & Twitter. Each interaction with Brokkr gives XPs in our Leaderboard.

XPs are awarded back to January. And please note that random interaction spamming on each post won’t result in more XP.

📅 End Date: 28th March

Brokkr Community Rewards Leaderboard

The program will run till 28.3. but we will continue using it even after the IDO. We will keep rewarding the active community members.

How it works

  1. Connect your Discord
    Discord is the main source of points. Without linking it and being part of Brokkr Discord server, you can’t access the program.
    Join Discord here
  2. Connect your Twitter
    Needed to measure the engagement with Brokkr on Twitter
  3. Add a Terra wallet address
    A Terra wallet address is needed to receive Brokkr NFTs


When you connect your Discord, it will automatically find your position. You can also browse through the leaderboard without being logged in.

Gaining XPs

  1. Discord
    Our bot on Discord measures the involvement of each member and provides XP for it.
  2. Twitter
    We track each interaction with the Brokkr Twitter and give XPs for that as well (with different weights and different posts).


Rewards Levels

Level 1 <1500 people
Total Prizepool: $1500

1. Place — LunaBulls NFT
2. Place — ThorGuards NFT
3. Place — ThorGuards NFT

Top10 — $50 UST
Top100 — Brokkr Whitelist NFT

Level 2 >1500 people
Total Prizepool: $2500

1. LunaBulls NFT
2. LunaBulls NFT
3. ThorGuards NFT
4. ThorGuards NFT

Top10 — $100 UST
Top150 — Brokkr NFT

Check it out


If we see a bot behavior we will filter these profiles out. Same as we keep the right to change the Community Rewards rules if needed.

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