Autofarmed Bitcoin DCA & Delta Neutral Strategies Coming To Brokkr

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3 min readNov 4, 2022

The end of this year for Brokkr is packed with big things. Big Strategies are coming already in 2 weeks!

1. Autofarmed Bitcoin DCA
2. Delta Neutral Strategy
3. Active Risk Management
4. Integration API

Autofarmed Bitcoin DCA

This strategy will let users auto-invest and farm Bitcoin at regular intervals. All steps are automated, just deposit funds into the strategy and they are automatically invested over time. Starting with BTC but more assets will be added over time.

DCA = Dollar Cost Averaging

  • Periodical investing of the same amount regardless of the asset price
  • It reduces the volatility as the asset is periodically bought in all market conditions and it’s not influenced by a single “bad buy

1. Deposit USDC
2. The strategy automatically buys BTC.b on a weekly basis
3. After each buy, the BTC.b is deposited into a farm
4. Withdraw anytime in USDC

This way you get exposed to the Bitcoin price while getting returns from farming. When you withdraw, you get everything back in USDC.
We use the average return of Bitcoin from the last 5 years for the Yearly Returns.

Autofarmed Bitcoin DCA is coming in mid-November!

Delta Neutral Strategy

Hedged strategies that long and short assets at the same time. It greatly reduces the volatility as it doesn’t matter if the prices go up or down.

Not only the returns are less volatile but they offer great results. During our testing period, they provide between 15–20% yearly returns!

First DNS is coming at the end of November!

Active Risk Management

A feature that’s already live. We continuously monitor over 30 factors that impact the protocols we use inside the strategies. TVL and its sudden movements, governance proposals, audits, history of the team, and much more. If there is something suspicious we can easily rebalance the Portfolio or exit the strategy to stablecoins.

We will release a detailed overview soon. Managing risks, especially during volatile times, is our top priority and it will become the Brokkr’s core.

Integration API

Brokkr will provide infrastructure for decentralized investing. All strategies and portfolios will be easy to integrate by a 3rd party. DeFi is getting more developed and competitive, and all platforms will either have to be a super niche or provide full service to their users.

Brokkr will be in a position where it can be easily integrated by any dApp that wants to broaden its offerings. Imagine wallets that enable investing directly from their interface.

All strategies and portfolios are:

  1. Diversified and less volatile
  2. Their structure is a state of the art
  3. Actively monitored

And of course, the second part of the ThorGuards & Bulls airdrop is coming. While doing so we will also enable StarTerra holders to link their $BRO holdings. All this year.

Disclaimer: Brokkr strongly advises readers and users to do their own research and reach out to our community on Discord and read Brokkr T&C.

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